Always my Mama's girl

It's quite unfortunate that I've been stuck in this writing rut for a while now. Bouts of negativity have been piling in front of me these past months and it's frustrating to not be able to rely on words to make it all better. Where writing fails, however, music and my mom (most especially) saves the day, as always.

As much as I hate to admit it, even at the "adult" age of twenty-one, when my life gets sidetracked, I am easily comforted by Mama's voice on the phone, calling me from over six hundred kilometers away. Just her calm tone of telling me that "It will be okay" assures me that it already has. That, with our usual round of videoke sessions whenever I'm at home and insane episodes of crying out to tunes like Since You've Been Gone in the middle of the night while my twin sister giggles in the background.

On a serious note: Mom, thank you for putting up with all my drama; there had been lots in the past year alone. Thank you for being you, for taking care of us five in the way you think is best for us. I may question your parenting style most of the time, but I have always appreciated that you stuck by us in spite of everything.

I know I will never come close to being the perfect daughter. I'm sorry for being "the most intense"—with my mood swings, more-often-than-not bad decisions, and need to rediscover myself each day. I disobey and prioritize what I believe would be good for me despite you and everyone else saying otherwise...only to end up with my face flat on the floor, disappointed with the consequences of my actions. But I can always trust you to put me back up on my feet and keep me going. Clearly, no one else could be as patient, understanding, and loving as you.

So Ma, here's my chance to turn the tables and dedicate to you your anthem for us... Our life had been a crazy soundtrack, filled with memories of both good and bad. One thing's for certain, though: as long as we keep singing, together, we're unstoppable. Happy Mother's Day, today and every day. Love you always!

Happy Mother's Day to all your beautifully-made mommas! The Lord has blessed my life with wonderful people such as you, my dear readers and friends, and you're all here thanks to your mother's love. Also, Happy Mother's Day, Inang Bayan! Praying that Filipinos will vote responsibly and give you the better "tomorrow" that you rightfully deserve.

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