Slow and steady

Halfway through the year and I believe I'm mastering the art of this millennial, yuppie weekend warrior life thing. Well, not in the grandest sense: no long weekend road trips and holiday vacations left and right, if that's what you're thinking. Instead, armed with a sweet and cheerful disposition, I have something simple but a guaranteed success in mind when we speak of ways to de-stress.

If you've been following this trusty ol' blog o' mine for quite some time now, you would instantly know that my formula for a perfect holiday would be pretty, picturesque places plus delectable, photogenic meals and multiply that by the beautiful and amazing people I get to share those special moments with.

July was a mix of both old favorites and new additions to that list: either restaurants frequented as much as possible or recently-opened/heard about places which proved to be worth a shot; and with either my usual companions in the form of my sisters (my twin, especially) and relatives or people I finally got to catch up and hang out with after what felt like ages.


Long gone summer

The typhoon season is back and now it's full of wrath more than ever! Mario has been showing off since last night with non-stop heavy rains, strong winds, loud thunders and flashy lightnings. Dreadfully scary stuff going on right outside my bedroom window. I was up at 4:30 this morning and haven't gotten back to sleep since, thanks to all the noises. Clearly, classes were suspended early on and the no-work announcement came a bit later.

I'm basically done with all my deliverables so I'm planning on staying in bed the entire day, marathoning some cool shows and movies, eating the meals prepared by my sweet ol' landlady (she offered to feed me for the whole day since we're practically stuck here anyway) when I get the chance, and hopefully catching up on some blogging. So far, it seems like I'm doing a pretty good job at it, eh?


Ways to go

Possibly the only downside to how swiftly time seems to pass lately is not being able to fully savor the moment as it happens and as much as we want and mean to. Sure this is best when work or school is turning out to be a complete bore and before you know it, it's already Friday and your weekend plans are already filing through. But how about when you're still reeling in on "the best vacation ever" when suddenly you realize it had already been two summers since! Time is sneaky like that and I am yet to find a way to counter its tricks.

In my case, I have folders-full of memories waiting to be relived and shared, yet I never get to. So now, while time and how fast it goes is public enemy number one, my lazy self is running close on the list of reasons why I am where I am now, drowning in a pool of left-behind memoirs. In truth, May and June feels like a lifetime ago... But rest assured, it was filled with the best combination, as usual: good food and great friends.


Grace, and nothing else

In a matter of a week back in June, I've seen two amazing, life-changing concerts and you can only imagine how full my heart and soul were after everything! Music continues to play a key role in my life and has been truly instrumental in bringing forth who I am today, so being able to attend both shows is definitely a blessing!


A look behind the Legacy

As interesting as the interviews and narratives we gather for our halfway-done year-long project of a mini-documentary series are the silly tales I collect behind the scenes. I, for one, am a sucker for good back stories, especially those that are picturesque as well as will potentially give me a nice laugh even in years to come. It's these moments that are worth remembering, worth sharing, and assures me that what I'm doing is worth the while.