Long gone summer

The typhoon season is back and now it's full of wrath more than ever! Mario has been showing off since last night with non-stop heavy rains, strong winds, loud thunders and flashy lightnings. Dreadfully scary stuff going on right outside my bedroom window. I was up at 4:30 this morning and haven't gotten back to sleep since, thanks to all the noises. Clearly, classes were suspended early on and the no-work announcement came a bit later.

I'm basically done with all my deliverables so I'm planning on staying in bed the entire day, marathoning some cool shows and movies, eating the meals prepared by my sweet ol' landlady (she offered to feed me for the whole day since we're practically stuck here anyway) when I get the chance, and hopefully catching up on some blogging. So far, it seems like I'm doing a pretty good job at it, eh?

This insane sweater weather is making me miss this year's awesome summer season. Obviously there wasn't any two-month break like back in my schooling days but in those weeks everybody seemed to be in a lighter and lovelier mood. Perhaps it's the happy weather or the bearable workload as offices we deal with are extra nice and cooperative too... It was the time for ice cream to beat the heat, a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten one's day, and as always, bagel with cream cheese to start things right. And then there was the huge deal of finally getting a hold of my own official work laptop after an full year of having to beat up my dear Dell, Grazie, with both personal and job-related activities.

There were some feasts too, alongside groundbreaking events: a Korean birthday lunch treat from our golden girl who never tires of giving and touching people's lives, which was followed by bonding over the latest X-Men movie; an intimate Christening ceremony and reception for Marica Alliana, one of our first office babies; and a day-long forum for this year's International Museum Day, in which I was one of two representatives from our office and while still hoping our dreams of putting up a memory museum will not be in vain.

But all through out April, May, and June, my favorite part had to be our office overnight outing in Morong, Bataan where we stayed at Brizo, this boutique resort owned by Ms. Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski and her family. There was amazing seafood involved, as well as pushing and tossing people to the pool, countless rounds of beach volley and Heads Up! plus badminton and basketball at the gym, and a Discovery Channel-inspired exploration across dead sea corals during sunset where we ended up collecting at least five beautiful blue starfishes (which we returned come nighttime). Also, I found out I was actually good at badminton and might give the sport another try sometime. I barely get to spend time with my colleagues outside of work so this R&R (rest and relaxation) was just perfect.

How was the last of your summer like? With sunshine in your soul, I bet. Meanwhile, stay safe and dry, friends! Praying that everyone in the country is just okay on this crazy stormy day. Now let me get back to that marathon...

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