Little piece of heaven

Visiting Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is like going to a foreign abode, fully-adorned with lovely pieces taken from both various places across the globe and straight from the owner's house...but still feeling right at home.

Serendipity is the perfect word to describe it, although magic would be a close second. I had just bagged my first official job when my dear friend Elisa recommended this restaurant, telling me she had a feeling I'd fall in love with it as much as she did. (Seriously? The name alone sealed the deal.) So, to celebrate such achievement and as a sort of last hurrah before I drown myself in office work and try to beat the impossible write-up deadlines the magazine publishing industry abundantly has, the sisters and I decided to have after-church brunch there one Sunday in the middle of February.


Forever young

Earlier this year, my twin and I decided to throw a little brunch soiree for our friends in Manila in celebration of our twenty-first birthday. Come to think of it, save for the mini-pizza party at our dorm lobby back in college freshman year, we haven't really got the chance to treat our college friends during our special day. As a form of late thank you for the incredible birthday salubongs we've had these past January sixths especially during our time at the dorm (beautiful and delicious cakes, streamers and banners, birthday songs and more serenades included) and simply an excuse to gather our friends together after the busyness of the holidays, this intimate birthday brunch idea came to life.