La dolce vita

I got to hand it to March, it had the makings of an ideal month. Although work has had me on my toes from Mondays to Fridays, my weekends were the ultimate pick-me-upper: fully booked with unforgettable dates with family and friends, where love and light were unfailingly served at the table. Our hearts and stomachs were stuffed with so much joy, I could not help but wish for life to forever be this deliciously sweet.


Some shenanigans

Contrary to popular belief, it's never just "all work, no play" in the kind of career I'm pursuing. History is often tagged as boring and as the new breed of nation-builders it's our job to make things a lot interesting or simply shed light on these misconstrued assumptions. The first quarter of every year is the busiest season for the Commission, I've been told and so I've experienced. But that clearly won't stop us from sharing a good laugh or two in between flying in and out of the capital for field work and cramming/pulling all-nighters/chasing deadlines as if we never outgrew college. (Aren't we too old for this? Uhm, nope.)


In colors our dreams live

To celebrate the much-awaited reunion of our amazing newsies trio last March, Jose took Jam and I for Saturday brunch to this homey, secluded cafe he has been raving about for months on end. As soon as we arrived and got a quick survey of the place, I already knew that it would be the perfect venue for our meaningful quality time, catching up on six-months worth of interesting travel, work, and school stories as well as sharing our life goals aka ambitious plans for the future. "Chillax" is the word that comes to mind when I look back on the wonderful experience.


The heart of adventure

Photo by Julien Hayard

It's already halfway through 2014 and when I take a step back to examine what I've gone through, I realize I have come a long way. Did myself a favor and grew up some more, I believe. Asked myself the hard questions, the ones concerning or at least hinting about "the future." And although it will take me ages and all the courage I can muster to device a well-thought out plan for that million-dollar dilemma, I have taken the necessary steps to proudly say there is indeed progress in the maturity department, albeit slight.