Some shenanigans

Contrary to popular belief, it's never just "all work, no play" in the kind of career I'm pursuing. History is often tagged as boring and as the new breed of nation-builders it's our job to make things a lot interesting or simply shed light on these misconstrued assumptions. The first quarter of every year is the busiest season for the Commission, I've been told and so I've experienced. But that clearly won't stop us from sharing a good laugh or two in between flying in and out of the capital for field work and cramming/pulling all-nighters/chasing deadlines as if we never outgrew college. (Aren't we too old for this? Uhm, nope.)

The smartest third-graders you'll ever know, at our teaching demo shoot · Wonderful surprises that greeted me at my desk after returning from Christmas break · Took a break from all the panic for a sort-of team-building seminar with the entire gang · Found out our bouquet and wreath supplier is actually a relative and also did the flower arrangements at my parents' wedding · One Nation in Prayer as an evening of firsts: being in the Palace grounds and in the President's midst · Was handed my own official mobile wifi a couple of hours before deployment #writerprivileges · Sporting my new do with an upped work wear game, hoping to forget the stumble I had while leading the national anthem earlier · The master of multitasking: splicing interview soundbites while reblogging · No other than Tita M's lovely ladies

Glad to have my dear friend Jose/Chino around to lend us his writing (and voice?!) talent(s) for the eventful month · Passed by the glorious Quiapo church, when I took a different route to work that day and chose the train instead of a cab · "To be better stewards of Your creation," 2nd National Interfaith Dialogue on Climate Change · My unforgettable battle with the needle (forever phobia) as part of my medical exam for my appointment requirements · An occasional selfie from the editing suite at our Makati office · Sandwiched between two Left 4 Dead players during breaktime, see what I have to deal with on most days? · After hours, watching our Lady Eagles kill the green team during the UAAP Championships · Early morning walks to the office can't get any better than with bagel with cream cheese goodness · Obviously too in love with this sight #archifix

So this is me, never failing to look at the bright side... Have a great Sunday and work week ahead, bayanis!

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