A crash course

Photo by Cheskca—before she, Apple, Sophie, Kar, and I went out to watch Mirror, Mirror on March 18th

A couple of life lessons I know for certain I will treasure for keeps: (1) to stay curious, and (2) to choose happiness, always. Been so overwhelmed by everything I'm faced with, I'm delighted I still get the chance to pause and give thanks. Here's to the great days ahead, especially to my fellow 2012 graduates!

In other news, I find it weird how although I was already on break since the end of February, I can't help but always wake up at six in the morning. That's even though I never get up that early on a regular school day as my classes start at nine or something. What's more bizarre is that now that I'm officially back home, I sleep like a baby, having a hard time to get up early—despite the fact that it's more stressful here than back in Manila. Perhaps my body's just adjusting to the change, and getting confused at the same time. I'm still in denial, I don't want to say let go just yet.


Some you give away

The days that led up to graduation week were a whirlwind of sorts: a lot has happened.

In Photo Booth and cellphone images. I've been told that Instagram would be perfect for me.

From late night study sessions that could make or break our grades, to farewell and send-off parties that paid tribute to the past four years, to mini-reunions and catch up dates that are hopefully not the last, to random chill days that were long deserved but the opportunity never presented itself until now, to being a testimony of God's faithfulness and grace, to that very beautiful and yet tremendously (five kilograms!) heavy yearbook, to taking center stage and performing (more dancing than singing, mind you!) in front of huge audience, to nomz fests that need no more explanation, and to sleepovers and these girls, both of which I will surely miss—

Man, these have been the best days of my life! I am not at all ready to say goodbye. Not yet. Please.


There's no way but up

It was yet another one of those spontaneous Aguirre family trips I so happily tagged along to. I have always wanted to attend The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta but never got the chance. So when Tita Menmen invited me on short notice to go with them, I just couldn't say no.

The long drive from the city to Clark, Pampanga was filled with excitement for we first timers did not know what to expect. We had a few wrong turns but eventually, as we were met with traffic and colorful flying objects in the sky, we all knew we drawing near. Man were there a lot of things to do in the area! However, what with the simple joys I have, I spent most of my time watching people and taking photos. The entire afternoon 'til night was nothing but enjoyable.

It was disappointing though, the hot air balloons never left the ground that night due to strong winds. In spite of that, I believe the trip was still worth missing a make-up class (my first for the semester!) and getting a few skin tones darker. Besides, I was able to eat at C' Italian Dining again(!)—and although I have only been there twice, it is already on my favorite restaurants list!

Photos by me and Tito Jason, taken February 11th.


The Remembrandts and the requirements

Stayed true to my senior year bucket list as I documented the days I have left in Ateneo and spent more time with my blockmates.

Here are some snippets* of my countdown to graduation: first few hours of my academic freedom, one of those seniors' assemblies, the glorious feast at Pancake House that followed, our small pre-graduation practice meet up, the priviledge of graduating with honors, and a couple of souvenirs from rehearsal.

Four days to go until I'm officially unemployed!

*Taken February 28th, March 5th, and March 19th (I'm OC that way...)


You Only Live Once

Perhaps the best way to kickstart our academic freedom is by doing something new, maybe even something that scare us. And that's exactly what some of my fellow dorm seniors and I did.

We spent Leap Day in a bus to Tali Beach, Batangas (an unfamiliar place to most of us). Until the following day (March 1st), we had a house with practically anything and everything—pool included, of course!—all to ourselves. For the most part we just bummed around: cooking and eating, playing board games, and catching up. But the highlight of the outing was definitely being able to conquer our fear of heights and jump off a twelve-meter cliff.

"You only live once," my friends would shout, over and over. It tells me nothing more than to take risks, and make the most out of what I have. It reminds me that opportunities exist because we are there to grab them. For so long I have neglected my chances to do certain things because I'm afraid of the consequences. In the end, however, I am to lose. So instead of being too uptight and safe, I am now trying to change.

Oh how I live for moments like these. And the feeling of being able to capture them in photographs is beyond compare. Until our next adventure!