There's no way but up

It was yet another one of those spontaneous Aguirre family trips I so happily tagged along to. I have always wanted to attend The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta but never got the chance. So when Tita Menmen invited me on short notice to go with them, I just couldn't say no.

The long drive from the city to Clark, Pampanga was filled with excitement for we first timers did not know what to expect. We had a few wrong turns but eventually, as we were met with traffic and colorful flying objects in the sky, we all knew we drawing near. Man were there a lot of things to do in the area! However, what with the simple joys I have, I spent most of my time watching people and taking photos. The entire afternoon 'til night was nothing but enjoyable.

It was disappointing though, the hot air balloons never left the ground that night due to strong winds. In spite of that, I believe the trip was still worth missing a make-up class (my first for the semester!) and getting a few skin tones darker. Besides, I was able to eat at C' Italian Dining again(!)—and although I have only been there twice, it is already on my favorite restaurants list!

Photos by me and Tito Jason, taken February 11th.

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