You Only Live Once

Perhaps the best way to kickstart our academic freedom is by doing something new, maybe even something that scare us. And that's exactly what some of my fellow dorm seniors and I did.

We spent Leap Day in a bus to Tali Beach, Batangas (an unfamiliar place to most of us). Until the following day (March 1st), we had a house with practically anything and everything—pool included, of course!—all to ourselves. For the most part we just bummed around: cooking and eating, playing board games, and catching up. But the highlight of the outing was definitely being able to conquer our fear of heights and jump off a twelve-meter cliff.

"You only live once," my friends would shout, over and over. It tells me nothing more than to take risks, and make the most out of what I have. It reminds me that opportunities exist because we are there to grab them. For so long I have neglected my chances to do certain things because I'm afraid of the consequences. In the end, however, I am to lose. So instead of being too uptight and safe, I am now trying to change.

Oh how I live for moments like these. And the feeling of being able to capture them in photographs is beyond compare. Until our next adventure!


  1. haha inggit ako! nice pics, kat!

  2. Wow. Looks like you had so much fun! Is this a private home or can you rent it or something? I wanna go! :D

  3. NOOOO You jumped off a cliff! I am SO JEALOUS! I've been wanting to do that but the opportunity never presented itself! Perhaps when I'm in the Philippines? :D So proud, Katrina! Good for you!! :)

  4. Hey Jose! Hihi, thank you? :)

    Mikee G, we did! Wish you and your barkada were there! It was a sort of rest house that the owners rent out. Sina Frannie and Amai just found it online! <3

    Hello Margarette! Haven't you skydove already? That would be scarier and more worth the thrill, compared to cliffdiving...right? :)) But yes, you should definitely try it, especially in the Philippines! There are a lot of beautiful beaches here, so do go when you visit home. Haha. :D