Some you give away

The days that led up to graduation week were a whirlwind of sorts: a lot has happened.

In Photo Booth and cellphone images. I've been told that Instagram would be perfect for me.

From late night study sessions that could make or break our grades, to farewell and send-off parties that paid tribute to the past four years, to mini-reunions and catch up dates that are hopefully not the last, to random chill days that were long deserved but the opportunity never presented itself until now, to being a testimony of God's faithfulness and grace, to that very beautiful and yet tremendously (five kilograms!) heavy yearbook, to taking center stage and performing (more dancing than singing, mind you!) in front of huge audience, to nomz fests that need no more explanation, and to sleepovers and these girls, both of which I will surely miss—

Man, these have been the best days of my life! I am not at all ready to say goodbye. Not yet. Please.


  1. "to mini-reunions...that are hopefully not the last" :) i'll make sure of that! so glad to have met you, kat! :D text when you're in manila!

  2. Wow. Ambigat naman ng yearbook nyo. Haha.

  3. Jose! I am yet to reply to your text haha! Yes please, I feel so sad to have left but I promise to come back soon! <3 See you guise!