Love-filled Serendate

Valentine's Day may be long over, but love can be celebrated anytime, anywhere. So on February 12th, almost a month ago, my girlfriends and I decided to have our annual Serendate.

Serendate (or Serendra date) is a term we coined back in 2009 (freshman year) when our group of dorm friends decided to hang out in Serendra (all the way to Bonifacio High Street) on Valentine's Day weekend. As we were all single (well, most of us were) at that time, instead of feeling bitter and lonely on the day of hearts, we celebrated by dressing up, eating in a fancy restaurant, and simply being together. For us, it was not Singles Awareness Day, but Singles Appreciation Day of some sort.

While a couple of us continued to practice our so-called tradition in the years that followed, it was only last month that my sister and I got to join again. Blame being away from the country and having organizational responsibilities for our absence. (And fine, toss in the fact that one of us was in pseudo-relationship a few years back.)

Anyhow, I'm just so glad that I was able to attend once more. From the cute outfits we wore, to the food and sweets we treated ourselves with, and to the good company I will always cherish, what more could I ask for?

While waiting for our food, two things that kept them busy: text and Twitter.

Our scrumptious and fulfilling lunch at The Stock Market, what a treat!

My beautiful dates for the day: Angela, Cara, Connie, Trizia, and Karina.

After strolling around, we stopped by Sonja's and Gelatissimo for dessert.

Had fun spending time with these girls, hope to have this again next year! ;)


  1. oooh, i want to have a serendate with my block too :))

    1. Nyehe, you can't! You're not allowed coz you got a boyfie...it's against the rules. Hahaha. :P But make your own rules and have fun with your block, dear! <3