Boybands and the love of ten years ago

Everything felt like a flashback: same songs, same voices, and possibly even same looks. It barely occurred to me that it has been ten years since I first heard their songs on the radio because the boys did not seem as if they aged at all. They bring me back to my grade school days. Yet between then and now, they still never fail to make me happy and kilig.

Blue, A1, and 98 Degrees were huge back then! And if only I was not as young as I was, I would have attended all their shows when they first visited the Philippines. Yet although flying to Manila would have been cheaper at that time, I was only around ten years old and still needed a chaperone to go on flights—putting my dream to meet the men on hold.

I was thrilled the moment I found out the three boybands were coming over, especially Blue (Ahh, Duncan!!!). So despite my final Social Psych project, the lack of funds, and my ridiculous schedule (I was still swamped with a few academic requirements then), I watched the show on February 25th.

The Greatest Hits Tour turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me. I reconnected with the little fan girl in me and she was quite fulfilled having to witnessed the boys she has long loved finally performing in front of her. That I still memorized and was still able to sing and dance to almost all their hits was not a complete surprise! And to be with good ol' friends was an added bonus. It was definitely a night to remember.

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  1. I was planning to watch it too! Kaso I had no one to watch it with! Sayang, I should've went nalang. It looks really fun.

    By the way, congratulations dear! :)