A crash course

Photo by Cheskca—before she, Apple, Sophie, Kar, and I went out to watch Mirror, Mirror on March 18th

A couple of life lessons I know for certain I will treasure for keeps: (1) to stay curious, and (2) to choose happiness, always. Been so overwhelmed by everything I'm faced with, I'm delighted I still get the chance to pause and give thanks. Here's to the great days ahead, especially to my fellow 2012 graduates!

In other news, I find it weird how although I was already on break since the end of February, I can't help but always wake up at six in the morning. That's even though I never get up that early on a regular school day as my classes start at nine or something. What's more bizarre is that now that I'm officially back home, I sleep like a baby, having a hard time to get up early—despite the fact that it's more stressful here than back in Manila. Perhaps my body's just adjusting to the change, and getting confused at the same time. I'm still in denial, I don't want to say let go just yet.

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