Chasing sunsets

Lately it's been a habit of mine to watch the sundown as often as I could. I would stop whatever I'm doing and run to the area where I could witness the sun's golden glory and bask into the fading light.

Most of the time people associate sunsets with an end, a welcome to the darkness of the night. And I don't blame them, I used to see it that way. However as I grew up I have understood better. That although sunsets may mean sadness and despair, it holds in itself a promise that this darkness is only temporary. For we all know, tomorrow the sun will shine again.

Sunsets are a constant: inevitably they will happen. They tell us more than just the end of the day, it serves as a reminder that our days are numbered and hence should not be wasted. In fact, they tell me to just keep on going, to do what I have to do, and possibly even what I want to do. It pushes me forward.

I'm just glad that I am living my life to the full, and I have pictures of the last three sunsets I have witnessed as proof. And although goodbyes too are inescapable, they are not forever.


  1. great photos, kat :) and naemo pa ako lalo for you guys! i'll miss you and jam sobraaaa! when can we ever meet again after you've graduated? :( huhu

    1. Jose! Sus naman, it's not like we're gonna forget you as soon as we graduate! Don't think I'll ever forget you that easily. ;) We are keeping in touch, for sure! Big man hug haha

    2. where do you plan to work? here in manila or what?

    3. Big possibility na here (or abroad!). Not much opportunities back at home eh. So I'm sure I'll still see you! Good luck hopefully future News Editor, continue to make me proud! <3