Forever young

Earlier this year, my twin and I decided to throw a little brunch soiree for our friends in Manila in celebration of our twenty-first birthday. Come to think of it, save for the mini-pizza party at our dorm lobby back in college freshman year, we haven't really got the chance to treat our college friends during our special day. As a form of late thank you for the incredible birthday salubongs we've had these past January sixths especially during our time at the dorm (beautiful and delicious cakes, streamers and banners, birthday songs and more serenades included) and simply an excuse to gather our friends together after the busyness of the holidays, this intimate birthday brunch idea came to life.

After looking into packages, further negotiations, and that pros and cons list, we decided to have our get-together at Banapple, our age-old favorite since the start of college. Not only do they serve our breakfast staples and go-to comfort food at student-friendly prices, the place is quaint and cozy and its interiors are the absolute cutest—truly fit for the kids-at-heart. Seriously, who doesn't want to be a kid forever? We even asked our guests to wear their best brunch outfits and man did they all deliver! Never had guests this attractive and who perfectly match the adorable place...it was surely a sight to see!

Despite the fact that some of our guests were not able to make it, we still had a good time catching up with the ones we had around. Our little sister was in attendance as well as our close cousin who was in Manila to review for her board exams. These two, together with all our friends present, well, they're our family (or at least the closest thing to such) in this side of the country...can't help but be thankful to have them all with us. Our dorm barkada, our circle of gal pals hailing from all parts of the country, was also well represented: each and every one of them stylish and looking gorgeous as ever.

We admit the final details of our invite came later than expected but we were glad that our guests pulled through anyway. Through out the course of the mid-day, I got to spend some time with my closest blockmates while my sister hung out with her work colleagues. We were also happy to have our favorite boy dormers in our guest list, along with the cutest musical couple who happened to be our good friends from home (Had we enough time to prepare a short program of some sort, these two would have to be the main act!). A fellow news writer from the college paper and our "baby sister" from high school joined our simple gathering too.

After all the silogs, pastas, and milkshakes devoured and the cakes blown and cut, everyone were still beaming with joy, especially us. Couldn't have imagined a better way to celebrate my youth and my impending yet bright future than with the people I love. Extra thanks, of course, goes to Mags whose photography I adored since 2009, for documenting our special day...considering we have not met in person before. Grateful for the hearts of everyone and to those who remembered our birthday! Until next year! Much love, world!

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