Grace, and nothing else

In a matter of a week back in June, I've seen two amazing, life-changing concerts and you can only imagine how full my heart and soul were after everything! Music continues to play a key role in my life and has been truly instrumental in bringing forth who I am today, so being able to attend both shows is definitely a blessing!

Since I have talked about Taylor Swift's Red Tour a few months back with a real-time fangirling update of sorts, let me just share with you a video I took of her first performance, State of Grace. As you would all agree, she's super pretty and talented and the living proof that the world is not fair! Nonetheless, I'm a huge, huge fan! And being able to see her perform in person was totally worth the Gen Ad tickets if you ask me. (Seriously, our view wasn't so bad, right?) You can catch my sister and me having lots of fun singing and dancing along at 3:38.

* * *

The Welcome Zion tour of Hillsong United was a way different story. It was overwhelming and, at the same time, comforting to be in the sea of thousands, of believers yearning to experience God. And eventually we did, without a doubt we did. Jesus was with us in the coliseum, partying with us all. Many thanks to the one-of-a-kind worship band that ushered Him in and who deserve nothing but praise themselves. Every song was an opportunity to worship and bring Him all the glory and honor!

In the video below is the part in Mighty to Save which was simply magical; everyone raising their cellphones in the air to "shine (His) light and let the whole world see, we're singing for the glory of the risen King." A beautiful sight! And at 1:36 you can catch a glimpse of Kara, Lourdes, Jessica, and I, as well as Karina and her workmates. Last night was truly unforgettable for everyone, and I sure was glad to have shared it with my good friends! Blessed beyond belief.

* * *

And well, while we're on the topic of music and since I'm already on a video sharing spree, another one wouldn't hurt, now would it? While I was still on a Taylor Swift high a few weeks after the said concert, I had to do a cover of one of her songs. I was really hoping she would sing Everything Has Changed while she was here (A million bonus points if she brought Ed Sheeran along!), but I guess I would just settle with the many versions available online for now. Here's my one take session kind of Sunday with the music master! It's been a long year and a half since the last collab and obviously I've missed it. For the patience in offering voice and life lessons as well as allowing us to use the beautiful Makati skyline as our backdrop, thank you, my dear apo KR!

Until next time, Universe! Have a great weekend ahead of you, friends!

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