Land of the free

I apologize that it's taking me forever to catch up on more than half a year of lost photos and updates. Still struggling to get atop that imaginary mountain most people would like to call self-love as I seem to be so hard on myself these days. Really, I could go on and give you a thousand more reasons for my absence but that wouldn't really help now, would it?

Taken during our fourth of July vacation in Canandaigua, New York last year

Anyway, drama aside, I just wanted to leave a quick hello on this fourth of July. Happy Birthday, America (that place I miss so dearly)! I'm sure my relatives and friends in that side of the world are enjoying the holiday. And Happy Friendship Day to you and the Philippines (that place I know I'm meant to stay in...for now)!

Funny story, without mentioning life spoilers: recently I caved and started a Scandal marathon, and I found that show, today's date, and what I'm currently doing to be interconnected somehow. I'm no fixer like Olivia Pope—I could actually use someone like her to keep my life in check—but "helping" the country in the best way I know how, no matter how small a job it is, isn't bad either.


  1. ooo! love that flag shot. it's so great to be an american, right?!


    1. Hi Nicole! I'm no American but I've appreciated the country, people, and culture already all through out these years. :) Thanks for dropping by. ♥