Brief but blissful

I can't recall much about my second visit to Bohol two years ago, it felt as quick and productive as the first time I've been. But what I do remember, I will never forget:

...the impeccably-designed, centuries-old churches that has the heart, history, and heritage of the province and which I had to stop myself from ooh-ing and ahh-ing at at every glance, the wide array of succulent proudly-Filipino ice cream flavors (malunggay and guyabano were my favorites!) that sit atop a cab-cab (a Boholano delicacy made out of mashed cassava pulp) cone and other amazing pasalubong goods, and the stunning views of the bluest of blue waters and of how the sea and the sky changes color after ever ten seconds during sundown that will, no doubt, take your breath away too. What struck me most, however, was the people's resilience despite the recent earthquake that struck them as shown through the warmest smiles on their faces. Their capital's definitely not called the City of Friendship for nothing.

Bohol has been a recent discovery—its all-out natural beauty I only get to see and experience because of work—and overall a much pleasant surprise. I just couldn't wait to hop on the plane to go back. 'Til next time, because there for sure will be. Salamat kaajo!

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  1. Oh. This post makes me miss Bohol. I have been to Bohol for a numerous times already and I still want to go back again and again because of its simplicity and less pollution (unlike here in Cebu).