"Life is short"

If last weekend was the best weekend ever, yesterday and today came in a close second.

As I attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival (my first, but definitely not my last!) with the Aguirres yesterday and went on a Serendate (my second) with my girlfriends earlier today, it's quite obvious how much of a fan I am of annual events, big or small.

While I still can't get to the details of what happened, because of this final Theology paper I am pouring my heart into tonight and the fact that I'm still waiting for the pictures from Tito Jason's, Cara's, and Connie's cameras, I leave you with a few Photobooth pictures we got (and I compiled) from Jamba Juice last Sunday and today:

It's good to know that no matter how hectic the next two weeks will be, how I spend my weekends is still up to me. And although I will suffer the consequences and regret my choices some time after I made them, of course I would rather do something fun than focus entirely on school. C'mon, that's what I have been doing all my life—and I have been advised to "live a little." So this is exactly what I'm doing.

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