Hearts all over the world

Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely readers! How's your heart today? As for me, same old same old. Nothing special, really. Well, except for two things. First, I'm a song away from completing I love love: a 30-day Valentine playlist, a personal project I put up on Tumblr about a month ago to celebrate the season. Although I must admit I got sidetracked for a bit and had trouble choosing the songs to place there, I still found my efforts worth the trouble. Anything for music and for romance!

And second, I learned how to be in good terms with time and timing. What difference can a year make! Without having gone through a complete turn from last February 14th, I wouldn't have discovered one of my greatest passions: to travel. But being able to see the Philippines (and eventually, the world) then write all about those experiences—now that's the perfect gift I could ever receive at this stage in my life.

Forget the flowers, stuffed toys, and chocolates. 2013, you're doing a pretty good job. Keep it up. As for me, I know I've been failing at this blogging thing, but let me make up for all the lost updates by sharing phone photos I gathered since the end of November 2012:

"I wanna come!" Aww, Remy · Hello again, pretty baby Shy · Solo six-hour bus ride to San Jose
Wish you were here at San Fran · Cable car with Lianne · Currently addicted to Mexican food
Early morning Huntington Beach visit · Babysitting team in green · Stalking shooting locations
Tom in this endless summer · Post-adventure Korean BBQ · Pacquaio vs. Bradley viewing

Snow on my last day in America · Thank you, USA · Missed Mave and other Lifebox-Ateneans
Ateneo "Simbang Gabi" with EJ and Suuk · Kylie's model behavior · Tallest baby brother award
Ten years and counting · After six and a half months · Thai food + Renaissance Man Quev
Red and ready for Christmas lunch · SPED forever after · Annual compressed photo with my gurls

A good Samaritan's kind heart · File transfers, app downloads · Favorite things: books and my Bs
21, with one of my favorite ninangs · "Mave is no longer a teenager" party · Birthday brunching
Feels like home to me · Sasha and KC's Newsies · #TheGamechangers with Dess and Jolo
Chillaxing at Tagaytay with le fam · Amazing Discipleship 2013 · First time to sleepover at Mabby's

In the spirit of Valentine's, I bid you adieu with this: Nothing's ever too late. Much love.

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