Would you believe that it's been a year since I last wrote here? I can't either! Hah!

Kidding aside, I apologize for being MIA for the whole of January. I'd love to say that I've been busy with the strenuous tasks the big bosses throw at me at my first official job...but I can't lie. Instead, though I'm not as aggressive as the ones before me, I admit I'm handling this job hunting thing pretty well. Slowly but surely is my strategy. I'm not one to rush things and regret the snap decisions I make. I'm lucky my time away has helped me discern which career path I choose, and although it's frustrating that there's not a lot of opportunities in the market for such, I'm just trusting it all to fate and to God, that He would bless me with the perfect position at the right time.

Speaking of faith, I'm honored to have my story featured on Elisa's one-of-a-kind thesis, The Bible Project. I've been a huge fan of her, her wonderful photographs, and her moving courage to share her beliefs for the longest time that when she invited me to share about my faith, my heart stopped for a moment and then sang with glee! Check the website for yourself and be inspired. While you're at it, like her thesis' Facebook page and maybe even drop by the exhibit any time this week to see her, her special project, and all the other creations by the talented Information Design students. Once again, thank you for having me, lovely lady!

Head on over to The Bible Project now to know what it's all about, and perhaps purchase a merchandise!

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