A love letter to the amazing year that was

I can't believe I even doubted you for a second. But 2012, you are enough proof that God is and always will be in control. And that He is only concerned with what's best for us.

I started the year with so much anxiety and a heavy heart, not knowing where I'll be heading after hopefully-graduating college...but I gladly end it with nothing but joy in me and the sense of direction I have been yearning for all my life. On days one through five, I thought long and hard to come up with a list of what seemed to be mediocre-but-still-impossible faith goals for the year. What with the never-ceasing issue of lack in funds, confidence, and inspiration still looming, I couldn't see how ambitions such as coming to America, forgiving my father, and figuring out what career path I truly want could ever happen. But they did, they all did. Now on day three hundred sixty-six, I tick all the boxes, leaving nothing unchecked.

Remembering it all gets me excited to move ahead and seek out what He has in store for me in fearless 2013. On the year I turn twenty-one, I look forward to witnessing (more) opened hearts, restored faiths, and changed lives for my loved ones, and for everyone as well.

More so, I thank you, my lovely reader, for keeping up with me and my faith adventures. This online journal is in fact my love letter to you and the rest of the world. I hope you still join me in the coming year because although it hasn't even started yet, I already know what I'll be sharing on my dear blog when it ends: it has again been all kinds of wonderful.

Cheers, Godspeed, and wishing you all the best today, tomorrow, and forever!


  1. Really happy for you, Kat :)

  2. i love this post! i have been struggling so much with trusting God with my future but i heard a quote that said "God past faithfulness demands our present trust" which is so true! God has never let me down or been unfaithful so why is it so easy to doubt? i'm so glad someone across the world is experiencing the same thing as me! so glad i found your blog :)

    1. Hey, Hayley! Thank you so so much for dropping by and leaving such an encouraging comment! God never fails. <3