Tales of three cities

I feel jittery as I type this: I'm homeward bound and it won't be long until I get to breathe polluted Philippine air again. (Can't believe I miss that too!) I'll be on the plane in ten and a half hours, and if my calculations are correct, I set foot in Manila eighteen hours and thirty-five minutes after that. But who's counting?! I can't begin to express how excited I am! So much has changed, I'm certain. Perhaps I did too! And for the better, hopefully.

I'm also looking forward to sharing with you stories of my final adventures during my so-long-yet-so-short stay in the dream country, featuring cities* that have evoked in me deep feelings of nostalgia and that I have, a couple of times, considered to be ideal places for me to settle down in, even just for a while: Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Los Angeles. But they would have to wait until I get safely to homeland. So please join me and keep those prayers coming, I really appreciate them.

And I guess this is me, saying "see you later" to the US of A. With much love!

*Geek alert: People often mistake DC for either a city or a state when it is neither. From what I gather, it's technically a federal state...not that anyone would stop making the same error. Besides, being a tourist gives me a free pass for that! Teehee.

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