I know in my case there's no excuse for a long hiatus or delayed posts. But between coming up with something interesting to say and setting out on another adventure, I find myself choosing to stay away from my laptop and experiencing "life" firsthand. Which is good especially since I only have less than five days left to seek out every amazing, picturesque place thinkable.

Meanwhile, I finally get to share the Thanksgiving (my first!) photos I owe you...

The kids, while waiting for their parents to get ready

The surprisingly quick and no-sweat drive to Uncle Gi's

The feast for two kids and eight adults (No such thing as too much!)

My first time in Uncle Gi's and Tita Daisy's lovely home

Remy started his lunch with scoops of vanilla ice cream

And the host did the honor of carving the turkey

In the spirit of the holidays, though late, I offer a thank you to everyone who has helped and accompanied me, in one way or another, in this wonderful life-revealing-and-reveling journey. God has truly blessed me to have met people like you. So go out there, bless and be blessed!

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  1. Oh how I wish the boys are always like that...if you know what I mean. What fun would that be, right?!? :>