Up in the air, California-bound

Thirty-five thousand feet above the ground view of my two favorite U.S. places (Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles) at night

Two months later, I'm back at Huntington Beach, greeting you once again with a good morning and a list:
  1. Thank goodness for kindhearted check-in assistants; the lady let me get away with five extra pounds on my baggage without having me shed out a single cent. Note to self: learn how to travel light next time.
  2. "Really appreciate your smile, Ma'am. That's hard to come around these days, especially at airports." - TSA Officer
  3. Such a struggle: my stomach was already growling as I moved past the restaurants, making my way to my boarding gate with two heavy bags clinging to me. Another note to self: bring a snack or eat beforehand. And again, travel light!
  4. I heard two elder ladies speaking in Hiligaynon, complaining about the ten-minute delay in our departure and I had to stop myself from joining in the conversation.
  5. Who needs the bed in first class or the extra legroom in business when you have a three-seat row all to yourself in economy? I felt right at home, barely hesitating to take my boots off and stretch out my legs on the empty seats next to me.
  6. I don't know what's more amusing: the sight of me carefully sipping my favorite apple juice like it was champagne while swooning over Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby!), Elizabeth Olsen, and Zac Efron in Liberal Arts (2012) or that the man who was at least forty years old and seating across the aisle from me was doing the same.
  7. It's only been three hours?! I think all this travelling is starting to wear me off. Even the thought of it is already making me tired. Yikes! Not great.
  8. Off to an awful start with Grazie... I had all these thoughts I wanted to write down so I tried to turn my new laptop on. And when she didn't, I almost cried and panicked for at least thirty minutes. First order of business after I get settled in: find a way to fix this.
  9. Just when I was proud of myself from doing lesser eavesdropping than last time, I find out that I forgot to bring a pen with me. Again.
  10. Tito Ted got off his late-night shift at work to fetch me. And if that wasn't sweet enough, he said the three words I have been dying to hear all night: Are you hungry?
And of course, a thank you to my send-off committee and my "part-family" (Joey G., 2012), all of whom I will sorely miss. 'Til next time!