You can have your cake and eat it too

Remy turned three a week back and somehow he's a changed kid. Unlike before when he would wake up and cry his heart out to warrant everyone's attention, on Saturday he got out of bed with a huge smile on his face, nudging his mommy gently by the arm like he's waiting for something. "Happy birthday, baby!" Tita eventually said. I was pleased; I'm not entirely sure if kids at this age are already aware of the significance of their date of birth so that should mean he's doing great, learning-wise.

We got dressed and drove to Annapolis for a hearty egg-and-toast brunch at Miss Shirley's. After that we spent the rest of the morning at the nearest toy store to grab a few presents for the young one. Sandy was expected to hit in a couple of days that we had to cancel our plans of going to the zoo (Dora and Diego are his favorites now!) and instead, prepare for the superstorm with utmost caution. That night we bought him a red velvet cake and as per tradition, he got to blow out the candles as many times as he want (We stopped at five!).

Right now his speaking is developing rapidly and is slowly talking in sentences. Though we still have to remind him to "use his words" instead of just crying out of frustration, I notice that he's maturing at a wonderful pace. He's also counting with his fingers now, sings and dances along the shows he loves watching, can understand shapes, colors, and opposites, and fondly engages his new Cars pieces in roleplay. "Guido, Luigi, kiss-kiss." Ahhh, I am looking forward to seeing how he and his brother would turn out when they grow up; as smart and talented as their cousins, no doubt.

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