The world is my home now

A little less than a month left until my soul-searching adventure comes to a close and I couldn't help but feel grateful as each day goes by. Aside from being with family and friends and getting to see what my dream country has to offer, this trip has widened my perspective tremendously. Unconsciously I have grown in almost every aspect of my life that I feel quite armed to face the "real world" and try my luck in the workforce as I head back to the Philippines. Life is such a blessing!

The past week in dinners I made: Bistek Wednesday, Chicken Katsu Thursday, Chicken Inasal Saturday, and Sweet Pork Tuesday #growingup

And yet, I am always missing the small town I call home. I think a part of me always will, ever since I decided to leave it for college in metropolitan Manila and even more now that I am aiming to begin with my job hunt there. The people, the places, and especially the food of Iloilo are definitely unforgettable. (In spite of my desperate attempt to prepare them by myself, nothing beats the original.) Re-watching this video by BlueQube Inc. makes me want to immediately hop on that plane and devour all the meals I could get my hands on the moment I land.

* * *

In other news, I am proud to say that I have finished reading Eat Pray Love even though it has been three months since I first opened it. More than anything, I was so amazed and overwhelmed by Elizabeth Gilbert's wonderful writing I wanted to cling on to it and never let go. Also, it took me a while to get past the Eat chapters because it featured two of my favorite things: food and Italy. But after that I found my rhythm and was able to breeze through the pages that followed. For two days I got so focused on watching over Remy and reading the novel that I have done the unthinkable: I stayed away from my laptop the entire time. You know how hard that can be for me! I felt so accomplished, I rewarded myself with the full-length movie.

Perhaps I'm doing the same for Under the Tuscan Sun—read the book first and then watch the movie. I've been doing otherwise all my life just so I don't get to say "The book is better than the movie" like everyone does. Either way the reading/watching experience is still spoiled, might as well choose what you think would be best for you. I'm glad I'm not one to judge a movie based on its book and vice versa. I believe stories have value no matter what form they come in. I hope you do too.

Bidding you ciao with another well-made video but this time, of Italia and as I dream of wandering along those paths one day... Buona notte!


  1. I love Italian literature and tea time too:) Have a nice trip back home. I am following you from Rome. Keep us posted about your whereabouts.

    1. Hi Caramella! Thank you, you're too sweet. I'm following you back now. :)