Frosty mornings

These days I barely get out of the house because of the unbearable cold. I couldn't last more than five minutes being outside early in the morning, but maybe that's my fault: I get lazy to wear layers and layers of clothing. As we welcome winter, the temperature began to drop to low-forties and the plants slowly started hibernating. Coming from the tropical islands of the Philippines where it practically feels like summer all year long, bundling up and relying on a heater to keep myself warm is definitely a new experience.

I've also been anticipating my first real snow. Sandy brought along with it chances of snow in our area and I've had my hopes up since. Unfortunately, up until now, all I got was frost in the yard every other morning. With only a few days over a week left in the East Coast, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. I've been dreaming of a white (pre)Christmas and I would really want to witness it while I'm still here.

Have a great week, everyone! Keep warm!

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