Hurricane, through my eyes

Glad that we were somehow spared from the storm's wrath—only a twenty-four hour power outage for us—but offering continued prayers for the victims. The blackout was, in fact, a blessing since I got to think dearly about all the folks back at home and provided me with more time playing with my little cousins and away from the computer.

A few shots from my cellphone:
1. Picker-upper 2. Craaazy rain 3. Thing to do when stuck at home
4. Flood that greeted us the next morning 5. Progress, after a very long time
6. Blackbirds-swarmed backyard 7. Easy choice for lunch 8. Sweetest brothers

And a shoutout as soon as the electricity was back:
Thank you so much for checking in on me, family and friends. Our area experienced heavy rains and strong winds beginning yesterday and we lost power for at least twenty-four hours. My relatives and I are okay though, we had enough preparations such as charging electronics and cooking food before the violent storm hit. Twigs and branches have been flying around everywhere last night, hitting the house then the backyard started to flood. Today, the flood is beginning to subside but it's still gloomy outside and been drizzling on and off. However, please join me as we continue to pray for many towns and neighborhoods that have experienced considerable damage. Again, many thanks!


  1. wow, glad you all were able to stay safe and manage to take some cute pictures along the way! you have such a lovely blog. i'm in love with that ship header.. too perfect. :)

    1. Thank you, Kelle! I found your blog (and your life!) lovely too, so I started following you. Oh I wish I made that ship, I just found the image on weheartit/tumblr, where most beautiful and artsy things are stored.