I'd take Snow White's apple any day

...and that's even though it's poisonous!

I can't believe it took me at least a decade to outgrow my aversion to apples. It currently holds a pretty good spot on my favorite fruits list and in the past five months I spent in the States I have come to obsess over food and drinks made of apple (So far: apple juice, apple cider, applesauce, and apple pie). I have been missing half of my life!

One Sunday afternoon the relatives and I went apple-picking and it was such a delight. The farm lets you eat the apples as you pick them and by the end of the three hours we were there, I tried the five varieties of apples available (I never even knew there were kinds of it!) and we gathered enough to keep the doctor away for a month.

I'm surely gonna miss this scenery when I come back home. That, apples, Pandora, among other things.

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