It just dawned on me:

A week to go before I leave the Old Line State behind... I can't believe it's been more than five months since I arrived here, tugging along my huge green suitcase and my apprehensions for putting my professional life on hold. I guess time freezes when you're in the moment and at an all-time high. But as soon as you reach the end, you feel as if it happened in a blink of an eye. Nonetheless, the experience has been unreal. I have no regrets and am thankful as ever.

Mobile shots from the week that has been:
1. Bizarrely in love with veggies 2. Post-quick afternoon bike
3-4. Welcome back from your quick Philippines trip, Tita! 5. Goodies from Japan
6. A bittersweet goodbye to ModPo 7. Phase one of packing/cleaning up

And here's a shoutout to all my recent followers, I'm glad to have new readers every once in a while. Take care.

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  1. :)
    aww. it was indeed a great chronicle for you nang. i enjoyed being updated with your adventures. looking forward for the next. Blessings!