Change of clothes

The two boys just gave me their last good night kisses and it finally hit me that I'm flying out of Maryland tomorrow. You'd think with all the last-minute packing and the California sidetrip planning that the idea of leaving would be the only thing on my mind lately. But no, these days my thoughts are mostly comprised of jobhunting (I'm getting way ahead of myself, I know!) and getting to know my new laptop, Grazie (more about it/her later). I really wish I'd stuck to the present.

However, as the line goes, endings are also beginnings. We're entering new chapters of our lives. While I'm excited to show up at interviews, trying my best to mask my doubts and anxiety, I'm also looking forward to hear from the family I have come to share these meaningful six months with. I'm quite eager to know about Joey's academic performance at the end of the school year, Remy's new-found friends at his daycare, and Tita and Tito's next step to take care of the kids and decorate the house.

I'm gonna miss everything, that's for sure: my own room, the friendly kitchen, Netflix, the very cold weather outside I often hate, and of course bonding with the little ones as we do simple (like folding fresh laundry) to crazy (like elaborately building pillow fortresses only to jump on and ruin it five minutes later) things. My stay here felt so long and yet so short at the same time.

But now I could already hear the alarm, telling me that the dream is done, I should wake up and wear a new set of clothes. And this time, after whispering a short prayer of thanks, I'm ready.

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  1. ngaa daw mahibi ko sa post mo nga ni?? :'(