Thoughts on a Cali-bound plane

Good morning from Huntington Beach! I've been awake for twenty-six hours before finally getting a three-hour sleep, but let me begin Day 1 with a list:
  1. I love the view from up here! Always have, always will. How exhilarating!
  2. Flying across timezones excites and fascinates me, especially now as I head towards East. It's as if time traveling truly exists and I can re-do something or change what I've done entirely. At 9 o'clock I have just eaten my dinner. At 9 I'm writing this. At 9 I'm asleep. At 9 I'm dissecting a poem. It's a brilliant thing!
  3. The woman behind me is on the phone with her boyfriend and this weekend they're reuniting in Los Angeles after two months of being apart. Tough love they got, but I'm so encouraged that they seem to be dealing with the distance very well.
  4. I feel like I'm being judged by the guy in his early twenties who's sitting on the other row as I take a bite of my pepper steak dinner. I'm sorry if the smell bothers you, but if you want some you could ask politely. Besides, that's what the Filipina behind the cashier of Manchu Wok told me: "Inggitin mo sila kasi masarap pagkain mo."
  5. However, I seriously need to return to my half-rice diet.
  7. Now I think the lady beside me is wondering what kind of word exercise I'm doing. And I'm thisclose to endorsing ModPo and Coursera to her. But I resist, because I want some time to sleep.
  8. Just keep walking, just keep walking. Philly International, why must you be so huge and such a pain? To apologize, you could have at least given me a cute guy my age as a seatmate! But then I realize that men my type are probably busy finishing their degrees at top universities or catching up with work requirements, and thus unable to fly across the country in the middle of the week.
  9. Of all the things I would forget to pack, it had to be a ballpen! Good thing Tita Jan had an extra...and yet it's not working very well. Bummer.
  10. I hate to admit that part of me dislikes traveling, but that's only because I dread having to bring what must weigh like five gigantic barbels! Although my in-transit motto had always been to dress down and travel light, and despite always opting to bring a duffel instead of a maleta, I make the most out of the allowable weight. Which would explain my worn-out body and the clots on my shoulder the following day, case in point: right now.


  1. As wanderlusty as I am, I hate flying. I really do. I hate the airport and the fuss over baggage. Ugh. I wish you'd try to drive back to Maryland; that would be super awesome and I'd be super jealous. Haha.

  2. Hey Mags! You know what, after reading your comment and experiencing my trip to and from Cali, it made me realize how much I dislike flying too. But it's mostly because of the transfers, especially since I'm always with heavy carry-on baggage. Such a hassle and IS very dreadful.

    Oh my gosh, I know how you feel! I would love to go on a road trip from West to East coast! I would drive across America in a heartbeat...if and when I know how to drive and I would have the time, that is. It's still a distant dream but it's in my bucket list and it should happen. ♥