New York minutes

Sorry I disappeared mid-August; real-life got pretty interesting for a while I had to shake myself to make sure that everything was actually happening.

A week ago today I was happily channeling my inner Gossip Girl, walking on the streets of the Upper East Side, chasing the Subway train, being on the lookout for filming and celebrities (to no avail!), and doing everything I could to make my Big Apple experience unforgettable. And it surely was!

Although technically I was only there for two days and a half, I haven't had the chance to tell anyone the entire story of my little escapade until the best friend telephoned and demanded it from me yesterday. Nor had I the liberty to browse through all the photographs I took, until today. I barely even noticed that a week has already come and gone. I needed time to take it all in; it's still so hard to believe!

A few teasers before the entries I'm truly excited to start writing:

"Check-in" snaps from my uncle Johnny's phone, some of which he insisted to be
uploaded right away on my Facebook (Nothing like real-time sharing, he said):

1. Warm Times Square welcome 2. View from the rooftop 3. Wru, Chuck Bass?
4. Wickedly awesome! 5. Shake-shackin' 6. Right above the Met Museum
7. Brooklyn Bridge greetings 8. Pleasures from Little Italy 9. Serena is back?!

For a while now I have been thinking of documenting my short-but-sweet trips on video, yet somehow those plans never pushed through; I was contented with the still images I capture and the stories I narrate that go with them. But upon the request of my dear friend Suukyi and because I wanted New York City to be really special (not that it already is), I pursued the age-old idea. I haven't edited simple video montages in so long and I must admit that I missed it.

Since I've been having this battle with my dying laptop I decided to cut my trip into two, as shown in the videos above: Day 0 & 1 and Day 2 & 3. Clips of which were taken by me and my Tito Tatan. As for the soundtrack: Video #1 features songs I've been hearing while I was there, upbeat tunes that remind me of a fun-filled summer. Meanwhile, Video #2 also uses fun songs but this time from two of my music heroes. Hope you guys like it! Hit the comments below, I'd love to hear what you have to say!

And while you're at it, brace yourselves, this is just the beginning of what may be a series of entries written with so much detail and straight from the heart. New York has changed me by surprise, and I would do anything to share it all with you. I guess you can say that I'm still on a NYC high...and I'm loving it!


  1. How exciting! I've been twice and I looooved New York.
    I did some of the same things as you did so you've initiated my reminiscing.
    Wicked was one of my favorite highlights from my trip :)
    And I didn't realize that Hotel Empire is actually real?!

  2. Hi Madison! Thanks for checking in! I just saw your New York posts and man, I loved your photos!!! I wish I too had an slr with me when I was there. I was afraid, however, that it might take my mind off of experiencing New York and get busy documenting. Haha. Maybe when I come back though, since I'm already done being all touristy during my first visit!

    And wow, lucky you for winning TWO Wicked tickets on that lotto! That must have been a good sign; it's telling you to return to New York ASAP! Like you're meant to stay! I might just bump into you there! :D

    P.S. Yup, The Empire's real all right! Most of the locations are, actually...but some scenes are shot in a studio, like the inside area of the apartments. (I know, I'm such a fangirl!!!)