A family affair, terrible timing, and forgiveness

Unfortunately, and yet as expected, my short stay in California has been nothing but that: short. Quick. And now, gone. Long over. It's been already a week since I got there and half a week since I returned. Although I am fully aware that time and timing hasn't exactly been good friends of mine, I was willing to take a chance on them. Bad idea. They wouldn't give me a break, I have learned, especially while I was in my favorite US state; several plan changes crept in and regrets were more than happy to follow.

Despite that, I forgive them anyway. Looking back, I may also be at fault. I expected too much, I admit: I had an exploration map on one hand and a cellphone with my adventurous ready-for-anything friends on speed dial on another. Somehow my thorough Google-search and other methods of scouring the Internet wasn't enough to create a foolproof to-do in California checklist. I didn't make room for issues such as horrible traffic, closed roads, the availability of my frolicking buddy, the time of day, and among others.

However, these backfires don't bother me anymore. Ultimately, I guess there's something about family and good company that easily mend upsets and disappointments. That weekend was mainly about the barangay that is my mother-side relatives all over America, and I feel blessed that we have spent a few days together. Reunions and catch-ups are the perfect picker-uppers.

California Instagrams and mobile uploads by me and my oh-so techie relatives:
(My thanks and love goes out to EJ, Tita Lalee, and Tita Yayon. Miss you guys!)

1. Breathtaking 2. Additions to the US clan 3. Cousins bonding (Baby Shy!)
4. Our first In-N-Out 5. We meet again(!) 6. Endeavor over Tomorrowland
7. Derp faces #ftw 8. Here's to more adventures 9. That crazy elevator ride
10. Obvious Mickey 11. Cutie Mater bread 12. Still my favorite (Soarin'...)
13. My 22-year-old aunt 14. Where the party's at 15. Catching up with Kitt
16. Newport Beach 17. Non-alcoholic boat lol 18. Uncles I miss and love ♥
19. Choco-loco, back in MD 20. Warming up to Ewok 21. Asian cuisine week

That's it for now, just a little teaser. Since I've been away for nearly the entire week last week and decided to keep my distance from coursework, I obviously had a lot to catch up on my online Modern Poetry class. Well, except for my first essay. I wrote my first writing assignment, which is a close-reading of an Emily Dickinson poem, while I was there and in the midst of what may be mistaken as a daycare that is the living room with all my cousins below the age of seven. Crazy, I tell you! That's my clan for you! 'Til next time, thank you for reading!

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