Brunch and breaktimes

A number of smile-inducers from last week as I kept myself busy with cooking and playing. And would you look at that little rascal; ain't he the cutest?! Ciao!


  1. I love the color theme of your photos! So cheerful and warm!

  2. What lens are you using? ;)

  3. Thanks Karsie! I like to make them as vibrant and happy as possible. :)

    Hello anon. Most of the time, such as for the photos in this set, I use an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. However, I also try to experiment with all the other lenses my uncle owns and allows me to borrow. I think he has four more.

  4. Hi nang! This blog is so cheery! I love the ambience and the way you update the world with your life. Keep glorifying our Father! God bless! I could feel that you really do enjoy US! hahaha. Keep on. :D

  5. Hi Jonah! Musta na? Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog, it's really sweet of you. And yes, thank you for noticing. A lot of people has told me about how happy this site is! Pure GV! :)) I try to keep things fun and bubbly, like how I really am and how life should be anyway. Hahaha. Thank you again, so much, for your kind comment, I'm going to enjoy the months I have left here. God bless you too, always! :D Halong!

  6. by the way nang, me again. hehehe. :)
    I'm wondering, how do you keep your posts and your narration so interesting? hahaha. I'm having thoughts on putting up a blog of my own, and looking at yours, I am inspired! haha. Any tips you might want to share, to a newbie perhaps and to those who might be having same thoughts too and comes at your blog? :D

  7. Hi again Jonah! Grabe nakilig ko sa imo comment ah! :') I am so humbled to be answering this as I have never been asked this before...

    Hmm. I don't want to say it's just easy since more often that not it takes me a while to finish an entry. But my simple tip is this: JUST write. You'll be surprised with what you come up with. Constant practice is the key; it worked well for me since I've been writing for school papers since grade school while keeping a journal at the same time.

    Back in high school I tend to overshare and focus so much on details like the color of my friend's shirt and the time someone arrived and I found it laborious and eventually boring. Don't write EVERYTHING, know how to filter out the ones you think are important and worth-reading.

    Lately ko lang naappreciate and nadiscover ang joy to read books and other people's works and it helps too! Not only do you get the inspiration you seek, you can widen your vocabulary and also learn from their writing style.

    A lot can be said but I leave you with these three things: practice, organize, and read. Let me know if you do pursue a blog, I'm excited to read!!!

  8. Thanks gid nang!
    practice, organize, and read...
    Wow, :0
    I will continue to cook my blog in prayers, probably your wisdom was indeed an ingredient nang! :D
    will let you know in case it'll be pushed through in His grace and time!
    I'm excited as well! haha. I praise God!