It's a twin thing!

(Because The Mary-kate to my Ashley: a movie marathon and a preview of what it's like to have a twin would make for a long title)

Theirs were household names for over a decade ago. From movies to television series to dolls to clothing and eventually to all other products one can think of, the Olsen twins took Hollywood—and soon enough, the world—by storm. Together, Mary-kate and Ashley grew up behind the camera, sharing their talent and life to the public. The crowd loved them and they became role models to a lot of young girls.

My twin sister and I are no exception to this; to say that we were huge fans would be an understatement. They were our idols, our life pegs. And like all the other characters that we love and would come in pairs, it has been an unspoken rule for us that at the beginning we must name who we favored more: Karina would always associate herself with Mary-kate, and I with Ashley. We collected whatever item with MK&A's names and/or faces on. Of all the merchandise, our favorite would probably be their home videos. I could still recall waiting for and watching their movies over and over again during our childhood!

This year, ten years behind our crazy fanatic phase, I told my sister that we should watch all the movies again, just like old times. However as we are currently nine thousand miles apart and she is busy working while I have all the time in the world (cheers!), we couldn't really push through with our plan. Instead of waiting for our much-awaited reunion, I went ahead and had my own movie marathon.

Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen movies from 1995-2004

As I was never good with big challenges such as this, it took me half a month to painstakingly finish these eleven movies (I didn't even bother watching their first two feature films, just because). At some instances it got really uninteresting—a couple of movies needed a better storyline—but most of the time I found myself laughing at everything while remembering things that happened when Karina and I were still little tots. I ended up feeling grateful that I pursued such endeavor; Mary-kate and Ashley reminded me of how lucky I am to have Karina in my life.

Growing up with a twin has been my go-to and overused topic for college essays, the recent one was for grief and loss class, asking what life would be like without Karina. So, unfortunately, since I am not in the mood for yet another sobfest to write more about that, let me sum in up with this short clip from what they thought would be their last movie; The Challenge ended with a quote by Mary-kate and was followed by, quite fittingly, a video montage of scenes from their past films.

"We'll always have each other, and that's not just in the movies."

Speaking of which, I figure it's fairly appropriate that I share with you these pictures from our friend's debut almost three years ago. A costume party is a good enough excuse for us to play our favorite twins.

A still from their last movie, New York Minute. Ultimate life pegs, I tell you!

Our version of Roxy and Jane Ryan, complete with nail polish and bangle bracelets! We also had a boho bag and stuffed dog with us, but we left those items on our table when this photo was taken. (I know we had a photo of our complete look, I just couldn't remember who had a copy. Must look for it!)

With our college roommates Tam and Lisa, two-thirds of the Charlie's Angels.

And of course, our photobooth photo. It's not a party without a photobooth.

I end this entry with a shout-out to my twin sister who I enjoyed chatting with just two nights ago: I miss and love you so much! See you soonest! xx

P.S. Check out my post about our twentieth birthday here. #oldiebutgoodie

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