A changing

Just when I want to step out of the house to take in a breath of fresh air, the sky gets gloomy and the rain starts to pour. It's quite disappointing not to have the glorious light as a companion for eating dinner, since the sun has set and it's already dark at 8pm. Summer is almost over and fall is already knocking at the door. And here I am again, feeling both scared and excited. I've already been in America for two months and except for the fashion collections, I still don't know what to expect as the seasons change. Though adaptability was never my strongest suit, I have always been weirdly in love with Autumn. Which is strange since I never experienced it before. I don't know why exactly but fall intrigues me so much and I believe that's enough reason for it to be my favorite.

Meanwhile, these photographs were taken last weekend when the relatives and I visited Tito Glenn and Tita May's area in Maryland (forgot where it was specifically, but it's a few miles after Baltimore). How I relished the little time I have left of what I think would be the longest summer of my life by far: in the spirit of the Olympics (my first time to watch, ever!) swimming 100m in the pool (totally forgot that I still had it in me), eating unique ice cream treats (see that chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich???), having a cookout in spite of the drizzle, and exploring new neighborhoods. All's good.