Dressing you up

Momentarily taking a break from the same-time storytelling (I'm a week behind, with dozens of photos to share!) to announce that kgadong, as you can see, has a new look! I've spent all my free time yesterday tweaking it up and I couldn't be any more prouder. My twin sister and I made websites back in high school and even created our own layouts. It was only until college that I got preoccupied with school and orgwork so I barely had the chance to create and edit themes. It has been an item on my USA/gap months bucket list to revamp the template of my blog, and I'm glad to say that as of last night I have finally ticked that off.

Inspiration: Peach Parfait, Mint Condition, and Sun-sational on Paisley/Persian print

Tita Jan and I have had this obsession with Indian-inspired prints that when we visit the malls, they would be the first ones we'd look for. In the course of two months, we've already purchased a pillow, a table, and a skirt (in photo). I found that beautiful skirt on H&M's clearance rack and right away called Tita's attention so she could buy it for herself.

As for the bottles of nail polish, I recently acquired them two nights ago while we were at Tito Glenn and Tita May's house for a mini-swimming, barbeque, and manicure party (more about that this week). Tita May has this lavish collection and we girls decided to paint our nails before heading home. After which, Tita May offered that we take whatever we want as she, being the busy mother and nurse that she is, doesn't have the time to use them. I was instantly drawn to these three colors and couldn't thank Tita May enough for letting me have them!

I know I've been changing layouts all the time, making every possible excuse to find better ones each week, but I can already tell that this one's here to stay. I may add some more graphics at the sidebars but I think it looks good as it is. I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Hit the comments section and let me know what you think.

(It's not every day that I get so inspired to make a layout and write about it!)


  1. Totally love it, Kat!!! You're like a pro. I only learned tweaking templates by myself and it's by trial and error pa, so good job! Teach me some techniques!

  2. How do you do the personalized sidebars? I want on my blog too but unfortunately I am not as talented as you. Haha!

    P.S. I miss you Katrina!

  3. Hi Ate Fiona and Mikee (RSHS girls)! I used to—and still do—learn how to edit templates by myself. I just look into HTML and CSS codes. You'll get a hang of it eventually, after constant practice. To be honest I think I'm forgetting how to do this na. It's been a while eh.

    And Mikes, the widgets or tabs you see on the sidebar is a feature of Blogger. Wordpress has them too! Pero ako na mismo nag-edit ng akin, with matching graphics etc haha. Missing you both! Hope all is well for you! :)