Bambi, bacon, and books

Another sign that this heatwave only found in the summer is slowly ending: the deer are coming out! I was told that they are usually out once the weather cools down and Monday was that fateful day! While feasting on the rosemary roasted chicken with potatoes (I prepared by myself, btw!) with the relatives that evening, we spotted three deer frolicking in the yard. We all jumped out of our seats and stood by the glass door to get a better view. It was nice to finally catch a sight of them! It took me five seconds to think about running upstairs to grab the camera and snap a shot. And so I did, unfortunately a few seconds too late; they sensed that they were being watched and immediately ran back to the forest. Well at least now I could say that I've met the acquaintance of Bambi's relatives, months after being introduced to Bugs Bunny's.

Yesterday I was reminded of my love for bacon. Tita Jan whipped up this delightful carbonara dish and I remembered the Mad Hungry episode I chanced upon on TV one morning, when I was still in the Philippines. It is both the easiest and yummiest thing to make, especially when you need to feed a two- and a six-year-old. It is no surprise that us five (three adults and two kids) could finish eight servings of this in one sitting. Everything is just better with bacon.

And finally, the dilemma: what should I read next? I bawled my eyes out after finishing Why We Broke Up yesterday not because the novel was "awesome", "epic", or "too beautiful, I have no words" but because I found it difficult not to relate to the story. For every heart that's been broken (which basically covers everyone, unless you never got hurt then good for you!), I highly recommend that you flip through this book. In the process you'll find yourself reminiscing, regretting, and eventually relishing past relationships. Retrospect is good since you learn a couple of things from it.

Meanwhile, I also found out that I am so much like Al (a character from the book, Min's guy best friend), having "no opinion" on almost everything, especially in cases of books, movies, TV shows, among others. I totally get him. I know that in a way it's bad not to have much of a say on anything as you can easily be swayed from one point to another, but having strong feelings for/against something requires so much from a person. Honestly, I'm afraid I might risk a lot when I do; I'm tired of losing. However I believe that saying "I have no opinion" can also be a weird and twisted form of open-mindedness, a quality I know I've always had. I guess it all boils down to me afraid of committing to and standing by a certain idea. Or being mocked. But, I digress...

Except for My Utmost for His Highest which I bought for myself, these books were either gifted to me or found at home. I've had them ever since I got here but haven't finished any; some I haven't even opened yet. Aside from the overflowing number of chick lit and young adult novels (PDF files) on my laptop, these nonfictions, Christian-centered, and devotionals don't seem to be quite riveting as I wished. I hope someone would whack me in the face and tell me which one to read. Right now. And don't even get me started with checking out reviews; for the most part they ruin my reading/watching experience as they list down things I should expect. I hate spoilers, with a passion. Help?


  1. There's no question! Eat Pray Love, of course.

  2. Opened the book as soon as I read your comment, thanks B! :) Unfortunately though, I'm still so tamad to read hohoho. Love you. Ew. ♥