Even if I knew my place

The past two months has been nothing but a learning experience. For one, much like this Eat-Pray-Love trip of mine, things don't always go the way we planned.

My August 11 (mis)adventure in pseudo-polaroids

Last Saturday when I was supposed to go to the mall to shop for fall clothes the public library to borrow some books (because unfortunately my eyes and my laptop are hurting), I ended up crashing a semi-formal lunch party while wearing the most casual get-up of all (shirt, shorts, and sandals)! I didn't have much of a choice; it was either I stay in the car for the whole two hours or go with Tito Chris and Joey. Of course I went with the latter. Although still trying to get over my humiliation, I'm glad it happened. If we hadn't gotten lost, I wouldn't have been to such a beautiful neighborhood and saw/tasted what the menu was like in a real American gathering (not much).

Come evening, the thought of the incident didn't bother me anymore. After spending what seemed like our quickest, record-breaking time at the grocery, we munched over cherries as we prepared one of our best dinners to date: pork sinigang and fried bangus. The night ended on a sweet note, with our very own homemade apple pie served with vanilla ice cream. Our (mis)adventure was lovely and heart-fattening enough for me to easily forgive ourselves when I found out that we passed the library at least five times that day, without our knowing. Geez, and we thought we could trust the GPS! Next time, dear library!

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