Aside from the countless wall posts, tweets, text messages, and personal greetings, and the fact that I am officially a year older, last Friday was pretty normal.

I spent it preparing for my first (!) Prayer and Fasting Season (finalizing my plan to alternate One Meal A Day and Daniel's, doing grocery-shopping, and attending the prayer meeting in the evening), having a lunch date with my twin sister at Chocolate Kiss, attending my only class—European Cinema, where watched Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others), and forcing myself to pay the infirmary a visit as soon as I felt a difficulty in breathing, with my cough and sore throat to blame.

I used to think birthdays had to be so special, celebrated with a cake and the noodles-type of pasta as tradition or something. But I really didn't mind not having neither. I know turning a year older should be more than that:

I thank God for twenty years' worth of amazing friends, wonderful experiences, and most of all, the best twin I—or anyone—could ever have. More than my birthday or my sister's, today marks the twentieth anniversary of the strong bond that pushed and molded me into who I am now. And quite frankly, I couldn't ask for anything else. Love you forever and ever, Nana! Happy birthday to us! ♥


  1. Thanks, Marika! ♥ I'll start following your blog.