Running to stand still

Yesterday one of my childhood wishes came true: I visited a carnival--and just a few days before I hit the big 2-0. For months now I have been searching for something like it but the perya at our town plaza has been nothing but a letdown; certain rides or booths are always missing. So when I heard about Maryrose Grand Carnival located behind SM City Iloilo, I just had to see for it myself!

In the afternoon, I came by to survey the place with my twin sister and two of our long-time friends. It held a hint of promise to it, and I liked how it looked under the golden sun. After strolling around the mall and having a Mexican food fest with some relatives, I returned with my siblings and two of our cousins that evening. My sister was right, the carnival did look better at nighttime.

We had a swell time, I'm glad it didn't disappoint.

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