Weeks go by like days

In a matter of 7 days...

I made an appearance in 1 music video. Faithful by Wildfire is for the Building Faith Campaign of our Church, Victory QC, which was premiered during the Sunday service. If you check the 2:05 mark, you'll see my sister and I with what we're believing in God for this year, specifically for Ateneo: (to) open hearts.

Faithful from Nomer Manuel on Vimeo.

I crossed out 3 items on our Crazy Things To Do list for our Social Psychology class. With my pair and some of our classmates on Monday afternoon, we went to Star City and rode a famous attraction, jogged in PICC, and entered a five-star hotel in not-so-classy clothes. That it was fun would definitely be an understatement.

I celebrated Chinese New Year (for the first time!) through a Hap Chan dinner with 6 of my girlfriends. Our tummies were more than happy as we got back to the dorm.

I pledged not to watch all my shows until the weekend so I could focus on my schoolwork. (Only 5 of them had an episode this week, I think!) It forced me to think about my priorities more, that's for sure. I'm just glad to have reunited with them yesterday.

I was able to convince 8 people to let me give them either a proposal kiss or a frog hug for bonus points. For Social Psychology again, what else?! Our professor makes us do all sorts of unusual things, it makes us question why and how it is related to our subject. But I we really can't complain, we do enjoy doing most of them.

I took 9 rides to get to Roxas Boulevard and back, for my mom's business-related errand that she asked me to do. For a homebody like me, getting out of the dorm takes a lot of willingness and effort. So you must understand how hard it was for me to commute all the way to that area. But ranting aside, I did it because I had to.

I crammed/prepared for my 10-minute thesis defense presentation. Despite having to battle with myself every now and then, my defense turned out pretty well. Best part was getting to hug my thesis adviser afterwards. It was really a pleasure being one of Ma'am Guevara's advisees. And of course, I would like to thank Ma'am Tessa Rosana for being my reader/panelist. It was such an unforgettable experience, especially when they both agreed that I might have a future in the field of research.

I survived the hell week with 4 academic requirements. I know I should be expecting the consecutive hell weeks from now on, since our final exams are fast approaching, but I guess the thought of it hasn't sunk in me yet. I'm just so glad to have survived this week with grace despite my Philosophy midterm exam, Thesis defense, Social Psychology long test, and European Film paper.

And I celebrated the end of the week by attending 2 awesome events on Friday, NightLife and ARSAfest Rapture, with friends that I consider family.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was my week in numbers! Hope y'all enjoyed. 'Till next time!

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