The AJ Rafael Experience

Wednesday was insane.

I attended my first legit concert and met one of the biggest influences in my life, AJ Rafael. About four years after I encountered “I Just Want You,” subscribed to his Youtube channel, and pledged to be a loyal fan forever, I finally got the chance to see the man behind the computer screen!

Through the Internet, he was brilliant enough to share to the world his passion and talents of singing, songwriting, and playing musical instruments. For five/six years now, he has garnered millions of hits and fans from across the globe, has sold his songs on iTunes, and has produced his own album. His sold-out concert in Manila concludes his band’s Southeast Asian (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines) tour. That said, I couldn’t help but be proud.

Perhaps I may be biased to liking him because he is a fellow Filipino—but it’s more than just that: He represents a part of everyone. That part in us which likes to express and be itself in ways it knows it can. Through his music and technology, he told his story—which isn’t much different from ours. He brought people together and got them talking about their own experiences of heartbeats and heartaches.

And he replies, he answers, he comments back! This, I believe, is what makes him as real and genuine as he is.

However, everything felt so surreal that night and yet the memories were still so fresh: from the worried looks on both my sister’s face and mine while waiting for the MRT to arrive (We were obviously running a bit late, as usual.), to the deafening voices of the crowd singing along to all of his songs (Some were a little off key…) mixed with the shutter sounds of the audiences’ cameras (to be uploaded and tweeted ASAP, of course!), and to the momentary embrace he and I shared during the meet and greet (!!!).

I guess to say that that evening was crazy would be an understatement.

Although I’m still a bit bummed that I didn’t have a picture with him (due to unfair meet and greet rules!), I’m not that worried. With talents as great as his and dreams as big as mine, I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time we’re seeing each other.


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    1. Sonya, I just read this now! Waaat, why are you so sweet and adorable?! Can I have you? Hahaha sorry to Jay na lang! <3 Thank you Sonya dear, you make me happy!!! Photoshoot soon, please! :D