'11 Proud Moments

Perhaps the best and only way to let go of the year that has been...

1. Gaining pseudo-independence. My twin sister's flight to Singapore marked the start of my year and soon made me feel like I'm in a new world entirely. I'm used to having her around and doing most of my daily activities with her that it seems like I've forgotten how it's like to be on my own. Her semester abroad brought me loneliness, but thankfully, the good kind: It helped me grow up a bit faster than usual.

Skyping on our first birthday apart

2. Finishing the (EB) race. I may not have gotten a spot in The GUIDON's Editorial Board, but if there's one thing the semester-long pursuit has taught me, it's never to give up on the things that made you who you are. For me, newswriting is and always will be one of them.

Blue Ballot, one of the many requirements

3. Starting a legend, sort of. Other than my GUIDON responsibilities, being co-head of the the first ever ARSA House Cup kept me busy. I must say I worked too much that semester partly because I just wanted to distract myself from personal issues. I know it may sound bad, but juggling monthly, weekly, and daily meetings was such a learning experience. Not only did it make me part of an awesome team but I also have understood a lot on how organizations actually work. Besides, I think the House Cup turned out pretty well.

We surely opened with a bang, with torches and all

4. Producing a heart-wrenching video. As a final project for our TV/Video Production class, my group pulled through and made this video in less than two weeks. After a short while, we received a lot of positive reviews for it and the A we honestly deserve.

Thereafter from Tboy on Vimeo.

We all want to be happy--if only we could stay happy forever. We cringe at the prospect of saying goodbye. But when something beautiful ends, it will always leave behind a special part in us. For the moments that once touched us, those things that we gave our all to, they will remain in us and be cherished forever.

5. Playing the sister act to overachievers. With Karina on scholarship for her exchange program in the very prestigious National University of Singapore (NUS), Kara and Kendi consistently on the top of their class, and Rafael finding his passion in soccer, being great at it, and eventually earning a spot in his high school varsity team (He's one of the only two freshmen!), it makes me feel blessed and honored to call them siblings.

With my sisters during their recognition day

6. Traveling abroad. For someone who has been itching to get out of the country for a vacation, I seemed rather calm upon knowing that my mom has finally booked me a round trip flight to a fro Singapore that summer—but fact of the matter is, deep inside I was beyond excited! My eight-day stay was, although with a maximized schedule due to a rather tight budget, everything that I could ask for. I visited every museum, mall, theme park (Universal Studios, ftw!), and university imaginable—only via bus or train! I had no problem; I had my sister as my personal tour guide. Who knows what four months could do to a person? I know for certain that she enjoyed so much, and I can't help but feel glad.

Beautiful Singapore at night, with my sister and my aunt

7. Serving as Head Dorm Assistant. Never in my years in college had I expected to be the one overseeing the entire dorm scholars community, but the job had my name written all over it. And how could I refuse when this was my only way of saying thank you? A rare chance like this shouldn't be wasted, and so I didn't. Plus, working with such crazy people is a good enough reason to accept. It was a great couple of months to be serving the dorm as an assistant, but even greater to help them and the community grow.

On our last meeting as SDAs

8. Dealing with Grief and Loss. Driven by both curiosity and choice, I enlisted myself in what turned out to be one of my favorite classes in college. I learned a lot and dealt with problems I have long ignored. In retrospect it is without regret that I took the class. As I have mentioned to my friends, it was like a semester-long session in the guidance office, only less boring and supplemented with a lot of fascinating activities (Blogging was my favorite, of course!). Thank you, Miss Cathy Babao-Guballa, for this wonderful opportunity.

My very personal blog for class

9. Strengthening ties with my spiritual family. I'm very much thankful to have such strong and faithful people to help me in my day-to-day endeavors, especially as I get to know God even more. They were the ones who believed that I can lead my own small group someday, and inspired me to grow more and deeply in faith.

On one of our several gatherings

10. Learning to spend my free time well. Although 2011 was the year the homebody in me found rest: saw a few movies, watched all my favorite shows and read a couple of novels, it was also the year the adventurer in me let loose. Along with family/friends, I took spontaneous road trips to Concepcion, Boracay, Tagaytay, and Subic. Besides that, I braved traffic and the tiresome commute (to Alabang once, Taft twice, and among others) to catch up with friends I haven't heard from in a long time, and even to make new ones. And to top it all off, I climbed a mountain! I guess this is me stepping out of my comfort zone, one day at a time.

At Tagaytay with the girls

11. Claiming "Thesis it!" I'm a final copy and a defense away from getting Thesis over and done with and I can't help but feel fulfilled. Here's to all the sleepless nights spent cramming for weekly submissions and the high grades I got away with anyway.

As I heaved a sigh of relief

I'm praying for better things this 2012. This is my year!

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