To wish impossible things

Everybody's first day back to school was the last day of my Christmas break. So instead of the usual locking-myself-in-my-dorm-room-thing that I do, I gave myself the me-time I long deserved. Though I woke up extra early for my return flight to Manila in the morning, I decided to tire myself out even more and spent the afternoon commuting from Ateneo to Greenhills to Greenbelt then back to Ateneo.

At long last! In the photo ahead, in dear remembrance of the holidays:
  1. A late Christmas present - for my good friend Audrey for our barkada's exchange gifting,
  2. A birthday wish (granted) - AJ Rafael Concert tickets with meet and greet (!) for me and my sister, and
  3. Three New Year's resolutions - a) to take more photos, b) be and stay creative, and c) live a little a.k.a. get out of the dorm more
It may be the most stressful me-time in the history of me-times but all's well that ends well. Now I must get ready for school. I have this long Philosophy article to read and my Thesis creative project to revise—things I haven't at all considered when I was home.

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