The perfect recipe

My spirit may have been beaten down by the end of the first half of 2013 after experiencing road block after road block, but I don't really have much to complain. All these, even though they bring painful and haunting dilemmas, are ingredients to a strong and full life. The other half of the equation is what I'm after though, which are the uplifting things found along the way. I'm so blessed to have my friends and family as a solid support system through out this journey...and of course, the beyond-satisfying meals and heartening experiences we spend our golden time on together.

Pub cheers post-foodtrucking with the gang · Endings and beginnings · High school batch in Manila?!

Living for Unicorn Sunday brunches · We miss our dorm with a view · Nightcap with my pretty momma

Bucketful of chicken wing goodness · Art in the Park kind of afternoon · Road trippin' with this please!

Homebound after 3 months · Congratulations, Kendi and Batch 2013! · Fond memories at Mom's travel agency

Good Friday with Dad's side · Lovely view from the harbor on Easter · The traveling book over homework

Miss Kim's 29 going on 13! · Mediterranean dinner company on polaroids · "The Last Lunch," for now

Macarons and musings with Dess · South-side chillin' (We'll miss you, Li!) · Happy place revisited

Camera captures in Instagram squares, all for #sentisaturday! Haha, how genius are the people who come up with these hashtags?! Can't wait to fastforward all my posts though. Hurry up, self! Meanwhile, take care y'all. :)

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