Through out the course of my my short, two-months journey of working at the travel magazine, I took necessary pit stops, entertaining a handful of interesting, creative ideas whilst on trips or being stuck at the office. I must admit, they all seemed brilliant at that time. But one that stood out the most and actually saw the light of day was my simple photo series which allowed me to share to friends and family where "my office" was on certain days with the aid of my okay-quality camera phone. Eventually my little project welcomed the possibility of on-location Skype dates and later (d)evolved to the usual documentation of somewhat typical office affairs. As all things, however, it was fun while it lasted. Until the next crazy adventure! (More snippets after the jump.)

Amazing find at our mini-library · Even while shopping, I'm reminded of work · These VWs inspire me to travel
Gotta stick to ones roots · Truly lucky to be finally be at Antonio's · Squeezing in some songwriting (first time)
Our breathtaking 5 o'clock view of Taal Volcano · A little sweetness for the officemates · Para-para-paradise

Will never tire of chasing sunsets · Welcoming plate at our Discovery Shores rooms · Squeee, the resort's library
Birthday despedida for our beloved interns · Aww, Eastgate family · See my disgusted face in Mabuhay April 2013
Yet another gorgeous sunrise view · To guide you home, or something · Hair inspired by Evil Queen Regina's

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