Leaving this door open

I'll let you in on a little secret: I used to think I had artist potential. Not the type with the chart-topping albums nor who stars in a blockbuster film, just your regular visual artist kind. No, I never aspired to be one of the big shots who create masterpieces through a flick of a paintbrush in a canvass or some complicated molding of clay: I was simply content with doodling on the back pages of my notebooks back in grade school and later tear and give them to my friends.

I wish I kept up with the hobby, I would've been really good at it at this rate—what with my willingness to learn, the art books I have been gifted with, and the considerable practice I can get myself into. Shortly after, however, I traded my sketchbook and pencil to lined papers and pen. I let my passion for words take over my love for drawing because I couldn't see my knack for sketching thrive at this day and age. (And don't even get me started on my fear of failing/mistakes, remember you're talking to a girl with a dash of OCD here.) There are no regrets though, my so-called talent in journalism and communication brought me to heights I'm sure my meager skill in the visual arts couldn't.

But every once in a while I find myself craving for art and aesthetics not even the arrangement of letters and words could satisfy...which would explain my huge interest in photography, design, and in some way, fashion. I mean, who doesn't like a nicely put-together outfit?! This love for beautiful things is also the driving force behind my insistence on visiting museums—not limited to art galleries—and memorials every chance I could. The impeccable artistry and undeniable effort devoted to those displays are incomparable, true labors of love. And there's my insatiable need to gather inspiration from the world around me especially through the world wide web (I deserve an award for being a great curator through Tumblr, if you ask me. An hour does not go by without a reblog!)...I could go on, but I guess by now you already get the picture.

Needless to say, the arts hold a special place in my heart. And free time to discover beautiful places dedicated to effortlessly bring these wonderful art displays, exhibits, and installations together like that of Pinto Art Museum is so hard to come by, I could not pass up the opportunity to check it out. And with my fellow rhyme and reason enthusiasts, the remaining two-thirds of our little newsies trio, no less.

That noon time, though we were running on empty stomachs, our hearts were filled with so much joy and contempt. In fact, we have completely forgotten about brunch until merienda time. The drive to and from the outskirts of Antipolo and the city and the sweat due to summer and generally this country's humidity were definitely worth it. The contemporary art space is a feast for the senses and if that wasn't a steal enough, we even had one of the artists as our tour guide to explain everything he knows about the pieces in display. It felt like I was back in the heyday, taking my art appreciation class with the late National Artist Salvador Bernal. Really honored to recommend it to friends and family: a must-see for everyone, especially those who want to unlock their closeted artsy side and start embracing it.

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  1. I already miss you and Jam! Haha. Bilis ng panahon, one year ago na pala.